Genesis Compilation Vol. 1 from ThazDope Records

ThazDope Records – Genesis – Compilation Vol.1 featuring BRAND NEW music from YhetiHeckaSPANKALICIOUSPOCKiTZ of Love and Light, Smith, Alejo, Psydell, Moniker, Beak Nasty, and many new names to the bass music scene that ThazDope Records is proud to showcase on the Genesis compilation!

The album is a FREE DOWNLOAD on here:

About the Album:

Genesis – the rebirth of electronic music; drawing from the styles of all its predecessor genres; recreation of music and discovering where the evolution of music will take us.

1. Mass Relay – Strong Forces
2. Alejo X Spankalicious – Supposed To Be
3. POCKiTZ – Just Like This
4. Conduit – Run the Gamut
5. Cody Sparks – Arrival
6. Moniker – Mangata
7. HorseExplosion – Hat Trick
8. smith. X Spankalicious – Rattled
9. Yheti X Hecka – Purpose ft. Mt. Analogue
10. Vusive – Ponder
11. Psydell – Esoteric
12. Ancient Mermaids – Wet
13. Beak Nasty w/Foxy Dope – Born From Stars ft Lydia Liza



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