I have an obsession with making music. My goal is to assemble sounds that stimulate the mind and body’s core, awakening inherent rhythms and new patterns of movement while empowering people’s hearts, bodies, confidence and appreciation for different, weird, freaky and fun.

I have this symbiotic relationship with music; I let my music define me, as I also define it. This gives me the confidence and freedom to write.  Music feeds me, I need it like I need oxygen and water. Producing sound is my way of communicating with the Universe. Experiencing it within and outside of myself, I often feel privileged to be the first one to hear it. In some sense the music I make is completely out of my control, and it is larger than me.  The songs I produce often write themselves, and I am more the conduit in which they flow through.  I understand this as my responsibility and life’s work, to allow sound to happen through me.

Thank you for your continued support of my music.


Matt Madonna

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